Sara is happy to come speak to your organization, company, book club, or at your event.  She is a college drop out and failure who went on to earn two masters degrees (M.S. Library Science and M.S. Communications).  She has spent fourteen years as an academic librarian focusing on instructional development and design for information literacy.  She is a certified project manager, a skill set she applies to her self-publishing business.  She has been a Wikipedia editor for over ten years.  Her novels are contemporary romance novels and modernizations of Jane Austen’s classics.  Here are some of the topics you can request from her:

  1. Author Talk: Sara will speak about her history with writing and how she got published.  This can include a small sample reading from her current book, Q&A, and signing.  This can be done as a conversation and length can be altered to fit your needs.
  2. Mistakes, Failure, & Regret: Sara will speak about the lessons she learned from past failures, big and small.  She will share the story of what led her to failing and dropping out of college and how she bounced back to get where she is now.  This can include a workshop on how to reflect on and learn from personal failure.
  3. Modernizing Jane Austen: When people think about Jane Austen, they focus on the themes of romance and marriage.  These aren’t the only ones Austen wrote about.  Sara will talk about themes like regret, misunderstanding, and the role women play is modern society.  Learn more about how authors can use these themes to modernize beloved classics. This can include a reading, Q&A, and signing of her latest book.
  4. Wikipedia and Information Accuracy: Learn more about what happens behind the scenes at Wikipedia, how editors maintain and improve entries, and issues the popular encyclopedia struggles to solve. Sara will share her experiences as an editor and share tips on being a critical user.  This can include a workshop on how to begin editing Wikipedia or advanced editing skills.
  5. Self Publishing Like a Project Manager: The self published author is running their own business. Sara will show you various ways approach your publishing plans holistically and put together a publishing schedule that works for you. This can be expanded to a workshop where participants develop personalized schedules for their books.
  6. Free and Low Cost Marketing for Books: All authors need to be engaged with their readers and working to find new ones. In this session, Sara explores social media, crowdsourcing, mailing lists, and other free or low cost ways authors can do this.

Feel free to download Sara’s speaker sheet as a PDF.  Please contact her to discuss session specifics and fees.