I was a member of Toastmasters International from 2004- 20012.  In that time I got involved within my local club and district level.  I was invited to speak at local conferences and lead officer trainings.  Bellow is some of my achievements as well as material from sessions I ran at conferences and trainings.

Achievements and Positions
  • Awarded Distinguished Toastmaster: 2008 and 2012
  • District Public Relations Officer: 2006-07
  • Area Governor (District Level Officer): 2009-10
  • Educational Co-Chair: Fall 2009 Conference
Presentation Material: Conference Material
  • Blogging to Communicate- 2005
    • My first conference presentation focused on blogging technology, still new in 2005.  Toastmasters, at the time, was now a group that focused on technology as a communication tool.  Many members were aware of blogging, but not sure how it could be used personally or within the organization.  I also introduced podcasting to the group.
    • Helpful Links
    • Blogging Matrix
    • Podcasting Checklist
    • PowerPoint Slides
  • Beyond Blogging: Welcome to Web 2.0 and Social Networking – 2007
    • My second conference focused on social networking beyond blogging and podcasting.  Most participants were using Facebook personally, but we unsure of other technology available to enhance communication.
    • Handout 1
    • Handout 2- Activity Sheet
    • PowerPoint Slides
Presentations: Trainings

I held a variety of club level officer positions during my tenure in Toastmasters.  As a result, I was often offered the opportunity to train new officers on various topics.  Bellow are the trainings I ran and some materials from those sessions

  • Summer 2006: Presented on the Successful Club Series program
  • Winter 2008: Presented on Electronic Newsletter Options
  • Summer 2008: Ran Club Presidents Training
  • Winter 2009: Ran training for Club VP of Membership and VP Public Relations Officers