The March of the Living

I participated in the March of the Living when I was 17 years old.  At the time there was no way to share my experience with people.  I spent 2 weeks immersed in the Holocaust and Israel.  We spent 1 week traveling around Poland seeing various camps and walking from Auschwitz to Birkenau.  We spent another week in Israel, mostly Jerusalem, experiencing the past and present.  I created a webpage many years later as part of a class project during my MLIS program.  I included, among other things, digitized images from my trip.  The page was simply a way to show my skills coding webpages.  Since then, the need to demonstrate that skill has not be necessary.

The images were placed on my Flickr account and still get views.  Someday I still hope to use the experience in some way.  I have always wanted to talk to other alumni about how the experience changed their lives.  I took down the webpage, which got almost no traffic, but you can still see the photos of an experience that fundamentally shifted my life.

My photo collection